BGS 9 Unlimited Black Lotus MTG Unlimited Power 9 - Kid Icarus -

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This auction is for BGS 9 Unlimited Black Lotus from Magic: The Gathering Unlimited.  Please see the scans above for the actual card condition.

In addition to this auction, we have a full set of Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Collector's Edition International and Portal 3 Kingdoms being listed this week and the next week.  A lot of this stuff is graded, with the highlight being a BGS 9 Alpha Black Lotus.  Please check out our s...tore this week for some of these great auctions and watch next week for the rest.   Here are the graded auctions that will be listed in the next week:

AlphaHelm of Chatzuk9.5AlphaHypnotic Specter9.5AlphaJuggernaut9.5AlphaKudzu9.5AlphaLance9.5AlphaLifeforce9.5AlphaLlanowar Elves9.5AlphaMana Flare9.5AlphaAncestral Recall9AlphaAnimate Dead9AlphaAnimate Wall9AlphaBlack Lotus9AlphaBlaze of Glory9AlphaBraingeyser9AlphaClockwork Beast9AlphaContract from Below9AlphaCopy Artifact9AlphaCyclopean Tomb9AlphaDragon Whelp9AlphaElvish Archers9AlphaFarmstead9AlphaFastbond9AlphaGauntlet of Might9AlphaGlasses of Urza9AlphaGloom9AlphaIsland v29AlphaJade Monolith9AlphaLifelace9AlphaLightning Bolt9AlphaLiving Lands9AlphaMox Ruby9AlphaObsianus Golem9AlphaPower Leak9AlphaRegrowth9AlphaSwords to Plowshares9AlphaTime Vault9AlphaTwo-Headed Giant of Foriys9AlphaWater Elemental9AlphaAspect of Wolf8.5AlphaBayou8.5AlphaCrusade8.5AlphaDingus Egg8.5AlphaFork8.5AlphaFungusaur8.5AlphaIllusionary Mask8.5AlphaKormus Bell8.5AlphaMagical Hack8.5AlphaMana Vault8.5AlphaManabarbs8.5AlphaNatural Selection8.5AlphaNether Shadow8.5AlphaPurelace8.5AlphaReverse Damage8.5AlphaRock Hydra8.5AlphaTropical Island8.5AlphaVolcanic Eruption8.5AlphaWill-O'-The-Wisp8.5AlphaWinter Orb8.5AlphaForce of Nature8AlphaMox Pearl8AlphaNevinyrral's Disk8AlphaPlateau8AlphaShivan Dragon8AlphaStasis8AlphaWord of Command8AlphaWrath of God8AlphaMox Jet7.5AlphaSedge Troll7.5AlphaTimetwister7.5AlphaUnderground Sea7.5AlphaBirds of Paradise7AlphaTaiga7AlphaTropical Island7AlphaTundra7AlphaTime Walk6.5AlphaWooden Sphere6.5BetaAnimate Dead9.5BetaLifelace9.5BetaMana Flare9.5BetaZombie Master9.5BetaAnkh of Mishra9BetaBad Moon9BetaBerserk9BetaBlaze of Glory9BetaChaoslace9BetaCockatrice9BetaContract from Below9BetaCyclopean Tomb9BetaDeathlace9BetaDemonic Attorney9BetaDemonic Tutor9BetaDisrupting Scepter9BetaElvish Archers9BetaForce of Nature9BetaFork9BetaFungusaur9BetaGaea's Liege9BetaGoblin King9BetaHelm of Chatzuk9BetaHypnotic Specter9BetaIllusionary Mask9BetaJade Monolith9BetaJayemdae Tome9BetaJuggernaut9BetaKormus Bell9BetaLord of Atlantis9BetaMeekstone9BetaMind Twist9BetaMox Sapphire9BetaNatural Selection9BetaNightmare9BetaPurelace9BetaRegrowth9BetaRighteousness9BetaRoc of Kher Ridges9BetaSol Ring9BetaSunglasses of Urza9BetaTundra9BetaVerduran Enchantress9BetaWeb9BetaWill-O'-The-Wisp9BetaWinter Orb9BetaBadlands8.5BetaChaos Orb8.5BetaCrusade8.5BetaGoblin King8.5BetaLiving Artifact8.5BetaMahamoti Djinn8.5BetaPlateau8.5BetaSavannah8.5BetaScrubland8.5BetaVolcanic Island8.5BetaWheel of Fortune8.5BetaForcefield8BetaTaiga8BetaTropical Island8BetaTundra8BetaWheel of Fortune8BetaBlack Lotus7.5BetaMox Emerald7.5BetaTimetwister7.5BetaTime Walk7BetaMox Jet6UnlimitedAspect of Wolf9.5UnlimitedForcefield9.5UnlimitedTropical Island9.5UnlimitedTwo-Headed Giant of Foriys9.5UnlimitedCopy Artifact9UnlimitedFork9UnlimitedGranite Gargoyle9UnlimitedMox Emerald9UnlimitedNightmare9UnlimitedSavannah9UnlimitedSol Ring9UnlimitedTaiga9UnlimitedTime Vault9UnlimitedTimetwister9UnlimitedRoyal Assassin8.5UnlimitedUnderground Sea8.5UnlimitedChaos Orb8UnlimitedPlateau5.5Arabian NightsCity in a Bottle 9.5Arabian NightsRing of Maruf 9.5Arabian NightsSerendib Efreet 9.5Arabian NightsShahrazad 9.5Arabian NightsAli from Cairo 9Arabian NightsCity of Brass 9Arabian NightsJihad 9Arabian NightsJuzam Djinn 9Arabian NightsKhabal Ghoul 9Arabian NightsOld Man of the Sea 9Arabian NightsLibrary of Alexandria 8.5AntiquitiesCandelabra of Tawnos 9LegendsAbyss, The9.5LegendsAll Hallow's Eve9.5LegendsEureka9.5LegendsNether Void9LegendsTabernacle at Pendrell Vale9Collector's Edition InternationalBayou9.5Collector's Edition InternationalMox Ruby9.5Collector's Edition InternationalTime Walk9.5Collector's Edition InternationalTropical Island9.5Collector's Edition InternationalVolcanic Island9.5Collector's Edition InternationalBadlands9Collector's Edition InternationalMox Sapphire9Collector's Edition InternationalSavannah9Collector's Edition InternationalTimetwister9Collector's Edition InternationalTaiga8.5Collector's Edition InternationalTundra8.5Collector's Edition InternationalMox Emerald8

Check out my other auctions for more great Standard cards!  If you want to search for only my items in eBay's search bar, please include either "Kid" or "Icarus" in your search.

I usually have every Standard card up for auction. In addition, I frequently have auctions for all FOIL Standard cards! To see my other auctions, click the "View seller's other items" link at the top of this page.


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UPS 2nd Day Air is also available for $30 for this auction.Your tracking number will be automatically uploaded to eBay when I ship your item, within 1 business day.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:International bidders are welcome, and the shipping cost will be $60 for this auction, and $1.50 for each additional.  This shipment will be sent out Express Mail International, which has an average delivery time of about 5-7 business days. 

If a shipment goes through the customs office in your country, it can be delayed for 1-2 weeks extra.  Please consider this when calculating the time it will take for your auctions to arrive, as I have no control over how long a shipment takes to clear the customs office. 

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I currently accept PayPal as the only method of payment for my auctions.  Payment is expected within 7 days of the auction's end.

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