Ancient Ruins Tombs Art 1882 Pagan Gods Old World Empires Rome Egypt Greek Book

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Year Printed: 1882Author: L.W. Yaggy, T.L. Haines
Country/Region of Manufacture: United StatesSubject: Science & Medicine
Topic: ArcheologyOriginal/Facsimile: Original
Binding: LeatherLanguage: English
Region: Middle EastPublisher: Western Publishing House
Origin: AmericanPlace of Publication: Chicago
Original/Reproduction: OriginalSpecial Attributes: Illustrated
Country of Manufacture: United States
Original Description:
Note: Many of my clients are scholars and researchers seeking specific information related to their field of interest. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book: Places and Historical Subject Matter Discussed/Illustrated in this Book (See Full Contents Below): Museum of Antiquity Full Leather Fine Binding Gilt Decoration Illustrated Steel Engravings Yaggy Old World Antiquities Ancient Empires Archaeology Pagan Christian Cult Religion Myt...hology Pompeii Troy Nineveh Babylon Egypt Egyptian Monuments Tombs Literature Catacombs Pyramid Villa Rome Roman Triclinium Lupanar Diomedes Bodies Balcony Galleris Portico Terrace Circe Pansa Sallust Lares Serpents Surgical Instruments Apothecary Bacchus Ariadne Emperor Amphitheatre Amusements Coliseum Theatre Roman Bath Games Sports Dance Dancers Vases Ornaments Food Women Children Gold Writing Materials Glass Drinking Vessels Jewels Tools The Nile Agriculture Baking Dyeing Hissarlik Trojan Houses Menelaus Excavations Kouyunjik Palace Sennacherib Conquests Temple of Solomon Oracle Palace Persia Persian Houses Karnac Baalbec Temple of Luxor Great Pyramid Great Temple Pantheon Egyptian Obelisks Mythological Characters Pythian Apollo Phoebus Apollo Niobe Leto Daphne Kyrene Hermes Demeter Fertility Endymion Phaethon Warrior Briareos Dionysus Pentheus Asklepios Ixion Tantalos Herakles Admetos Epimethus Pandora Io Prometheus Deukalion Poseidon Athene Medusa Danae Perseus Andromeda Akrisios Kephalos Prokris Skylla Medeia Theseus Arethusa Tyro Narkissos Orpheus Eurydice Kadmos Europa Bellerophon Althaia Burning Brand Egyptian Sculpture Etruscan Painting Fresco Ancient Kings Animal Sculpture Statues Neetmok Lysippus Macedonian Age Roman Art Ancient Gods Mosaic Homer Paris Achilles Odysseus War Sophocles Herodotus Crocodile Artabanus Xerxes Socrates Aristophanes Plato Demosthenes Philip Athenians Catiline Julius Caesar Doherty’s Description Battle of Pharsalia Virgil Hell Horace Wisdom Equality of Man Plutarch Mummies Mummy Sarcophagi Roman Tombs Inscriptions Bible Assyrian Babylonian Discoveries Arch of Titus God Pentateuch Scripture Coliseum of Rome Hercules MUSEUM OF ANTIQUITY A Description of Ancient Life: The Employments, Amusements, Customs and Habits, The Cities, Palaces, Monuments and Tombs, The Literature and Fine Arts of 3,000 Years Ago. By L.W. Yaggy and T.L. Haines. Published in 1882 by Western Publishing House, Chicago. 9.5” x 7” full leather binding with gilt page edges all around. Illustrated with steel engravings and other illustrations. 944 pages. Condition: VERY GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Beautiful leather exterior as shown in photos. Good binding. Text is clean and complete. Light foxing. No torn, loose or missing pages. A gorgeous example of this rare 137-year-old volume. Last time I offered this title/leather edition, it sold on eBay for $389.00. See eBay No. 352276877753 Special Note: Folks, this is a rare title. Books like this don’t come along often and with each passing year the opportunities to acquire such rarities grow less frequent. I do my best to bring these special items to auction whenever possible, but the only way I can continue to offer gems like this in auction format is if you bid on them. Every bid is important to me, and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your interest in my books. If there are no bids on this item and you don't want to wait for the auction to end, feel free to make me an offer. I would be happy to add a Buy It Now price to the auction as long as there are no bids. However, as soon as a first bid is placed, the offer/Buy It Now option disappears and the auction must continue until the appointed closing time. DESCRIPTION: Classical history experienced a grand renaissance during the Victorian era. In Italy, archaeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli excavated the lost city of Pompeii, buried at the foot of the great volcano Vesuvius centuries earlier … in Egypt, British archaeologists charted, probed and plundered the ancient tombs of kings and pharaohs … meanwhile, tourists and pilgrims flocked in droves to the Middle East to witness the sights and scenes of the Bible. It was an age of exploration. The Old World was once again new. Greece, Rome, Troy, the Holy Land … The art. The antiquities. The rise and fall of empires … it captured the Victorian imagination. MUSEUM OF ANTIQUITY illuminates the great civilizations of the ancient world and examines the wonders that its inhabitants left behind. From magnificent ruins to crumbling tombs and catacombs, from towering monuments to the tiniest fragments of pottery, jewelry,etc. It explores the art, literature and architecture of the classical world -- the religion as well, everything from the pagan worship of gods, devils and to the birth of Christianity -- and recalls the men and women who once walked in the shadow of all that magnificence. The book contains detailed and vividly illustrated chapters on Pompeii, Rome, Greece, Egypt, Troy and more. It is a delightful examination of the “Employments, Amusements, Customs and Habits, the Cities, Palaces, Monuments and Tombs, the Literature and Fine Arts of 3000 Years Ago.” Featuring more than 170 illustrations throughout the text. This book also features a special series of high-quality steel-engraved plates not always found in other editions of this work. Simply beautiful! The Preface states: Egypt, Greece and Italy were the fountain heads of our civilization and the source of our knowledge; to them we can trace, link by link, the origin of all that is ornamental, graceful and beautiful.. It is therefore a matter of greatest interest to get an intimate knowledge of the original state, and former perfection, the grandeur, magnificence and high civilization of these countries, as well as of the homes, the private and domestic life, the schools, churches, rites, ceremonies, &c. For your interest and convenience, I have taken some time to summarize the various chapters and give you an accounting of the more than 170 illustrations featured in this handsome volume. Further down the page, you can see some of the illustrations for yourself. I hope you will take a few moments to have a look. CONTENTS ARE: CHAPTER ONE ~ POMPEII: The Glory of the City * Destruction * Excavation * Entering Pompeii * The Streets of the City * The Theatres of Pompeii * Villa of Julia Felix * Pavements and Sidewalks * Arrangement of Private House * Elegance of Domestic Architecture * Ground Plan of Roman House * Exterior Apartments * Interior Apartments * Dining Halls * The Triclinium * Materials and Construction * The Salve Lucru * Paintings and Decorations * The Drunken Hercules * Wall Decoration * The Peristyle * The House of Siricus * Political Inscriptions * Electioneering Advertisements * The Graffiti * Street of the Lupanar * Eighty Loaves of Bread Found * The House of the Balcony * Human Bodies Preserved * Discovered Bodies * House of Diomedes * Location of the Villa * Ground Plan of the Villa * Detail of Ground Plan * The Caldarium * Galleries and Halls * Porticoes and Terraces * Tomb and Family Sepulchre * The Villa Destroyed * Conclusive Evidence * Jewels and Ornaments * Pliny's Account of a Roman Garden * Stores and Eating Houses * Restaurant * Pompeian Bill of Fare * Circe, Daughter of the Sun * Houses of Pansa and Sallust * Curious Religious Painting * General View of House * Worship of the Lares * Domesticated Serpents * Discoveries Confirm Ancient Authors * Ornamentation and Draperies * Remarkable Mansions * House of the Vestals * Surgical and other Iustruments * Shop of an Apothecary * House of Holconius * Decorations of the Bed-Chambers * Perseus and Andromeda * Epigraphs and Inscriptions * Ariadne Discovered by Bacchus * General Survey of the City * Wine Merchant's Sign * Sculptor's Laboratory * House of Emperor Joseph II CHAPTER TWO ~ AMUSEMENTS: The Amphitheatre * Coliseum - 84,000 Seats * The Bloody Entertainments * Examining the Wounded * Theatres * Roman Baths Description of the Baths * Cold Baths * Warm Chambers * The Vapor Baths * Hot-Air Baths * Social Games and Sports * Domestic Games * Jugglers * Game of Cities * Gymnastic Arts * Social Entertainments * Characteristics of the Dance * Grace and Dress of the Dancers * Position at the Table * Vases and Ornaments * Food and Vegetables * Mode of Eating * Reminders of Mortality * Egyptian Music and Entertainments * Musical Instruments * Jewish Music * Beer, Palm Wine, Etc * Games and Sports of the Egyptians * Games With Dice * Games of Ball * Wrestling * Intellectual Capabilities * Hunting CHAPTER TWO ~ DOMESTIC LIFE: Occupation of Women * Bathing * Wedding Ceremonies * Children's Toys * Writing Materials * Families, Schools and Marriages * Duties of Children * Dress, Toilet and Jewelry * The Chiton * Dress Materials * Styles of Wearing Hair * Head-Dress of Women * Hair-Pins * Sunshades * Crimes and Punishments; Contracts, Deeds, Etc. * Punishments * Laws Respecting Debt * Contracts * Superstition * Cure of abcxs Diseases * Houses, Villas, Farmyards, Orchards, Gardens, Etc. * Character of the People * Construction of Houses * Plans of Villas * Indication * Gardens * Egyptian Wealth * Gold and Silver * Worth of Gold * Treasures * Total Value of Gold CHAPTER THREE ~ DOMESTIC UTENSILS: Writing Materials * Literature * Curious Lamps * The Candelabrum * Candelabra * Oil Lamps * The Steelyard * Drinking Vessels * Colored Glass * Glass * Glass Vessels * Articles of Jewelry * Toilet Boxes, etc * Furniture * Chairs and Stools * Bedroom Furniture * Tables, etc * Pottery * Drawings on Vases * Historical Subjects on Vases * Uses of Vases * Vases Found in Tombs * Silver Vessels * Decorated Vases CHAPTER FOUR ~ EMPLOYMENT: Colored Glass Vessels * Imitation Jewels * Pofters * Carpenter's Tools * Professions * Husbandry * Rise of the Nile * Agricultural Implements * Agriculture * Baking, Dyeing and Painting * Flour Mills * Bread-Baking * Dyeing * Scouring and Dyeing * Coloring Substances * Mineral Used for Dyeing * Cost of Dyeing * Cloth Manufacture * Persian Costumes CHAPTER FIVE ~ TROY: Ruins at Hissarlik * Settlement of Troy * First Settlers * Scajun Gate * Call of Menelaus * Houses at Troy * Objects Found in Houses * Silver Vases * Taking out the Treasure * Shield of the Treasure * Contents of the Treasure * Ear-Rings and Chains * Gold Buttons, Studs, Etc. * Silver Goblet and Vases * Weapons of Troy * Terra Cotta Mugs * Condition of the Roads * Lack of Inscriptions CHAPTER SIX ~ NINEVEH AND BABYLON: Explorations of Niebuhr and Rich * Excavations at Kouyunjik Palace * Sennacherib's Conquests * Highly-Finished Sculptures * North Palace, Kouyunjik * Temple of Solomon * The Oracle * Description of the Palace * Modern Houses of Persia * Chambers in the Palace * The Walls * Grandeur of Babylon * Building Materials * History of Babylon * Karnac and Baalbec * Stupendous Remains * Temple of Luxor * Chambers of the Great Pyramid * The Great Temple * The Pantheon at Rome * Egyptian Obelisks * Obelisks CHAPTER SEVEN ~ RELIGION OR MYTHOLOGY: Mythology * Mythological Characters * The Pythian Apollo * Phoebus Apollo * Niobe and Leto * Daphne * Kyrene * Hermes * The Sorrow of Demeter * The Sleep of Endymion * Phaethon * Briareos * Dionysus * Pentheus * Asklepios * Ixion * Tantalos * The Toils of Herakles * Admetos * Epimethus and Pandora * Io and Prometheus * Deukalion * Poseidon and Athene * Medusa * Danae * Perseus * Andromeda * Akrisios * Kephalos and Prokris * Skylla * Phrixos and Helle * Medeia * Theseus * Ariadne * Arethusa * Tyro * Narkissos * Orpheus and Eurydike * Kadmos and Europa * Bellerophon * Althaia and the Burning Brand CHAPTER EIGHT ~ FINE ARTS: Egyptian Sculpture * Etruscan Painting * Renowned Painters * Parrhasius * Colors Used * Sculpture Painting * Fresco Painting * Sculpturing * Sculpture in Greece and Egypt * Sculptures of Ancient Kings * Animal Sculpture * Modeling of the Human Figure * " The Sculptor of the Gods" * Grandeur of Style * Statues * Description of Statues * Neetmok * Work of Lysippus * The Macedonian Age * Roman Art * Copies of Ancient Gods * Mosaic * Mosaic Subjects * Battle Represented in Mosaics * Grandeur of Style CHAPTER NINE ~ LITERATURE: Homer * Paris * Achilles * The Vengeance of Odysseus * Sophocles * Herodotus * The Crocodile * Artabanus Dissuades Xerxes * Socrates * Socrates and Aristodemus * Aristophanes * Plato * The Perfect Beauty * Last. Hours of Socrates * Demosthenes * Philip and the Athenians * Measures to Resist Philip * Former Athenians Described * Oration on the Crown * Invective against Catiline * Expulsion of Catiline from Rome * The Tyrant Praetor Denounced * Immortality of the Soul * Julius Caesar * The Germans * Battle of Pharsalia * Virgil * Employment of the Bee * Punishments in Hell * Horace * To Licinius * Happiness Founded on Wisdom * The Equality of Man * Plutarch * Proscription of Sylla * Demosthenes and Cicero Compared CHAPTER TEN ~ TOMBS AND CATACOMBS: Extent of the Tombs * An Acre and a quarter in a Tomb * Sculpturings * Painting * Burying According to Rank * Mummies * Mummy Cases and Sarcophagi * Roman Tombs * Inscriptions * The Catacombs * Inscriptions * Catacombs * Christian Inscriptions * Early Inscriptions * Catacombs, nearly 900 miles long * Utensils from the Catacombs * Paintings * S. Calixtus * Lord's Supper CHAPTER ELEVEN ~ TRUTH OF THE BIBLE: The Assyrian and Babylonian Discoveries * 1100 Christian Inscriptions * The use of the Bible for Excavators * Accordance with Ancient Writings * Frieze from the Arch of Titus * No Book produced by Chance * God the Author * Its Great Antiquity * The Pentateuch * Preservation of the Scripture * Its Important Discoveries * Its Peculiar Style * Its Harmony * Its Impartiality * Its Prophecies * Its Important Doctrines * Its Holy Tendency * Its Aims * Its Effects * Its General Reception * Persecuted but not Persecuting ILLUSTRATIONS INCLUDE: The Coliseum of Rome * Destruction of Pompeii * View of Pompeii * Plan of a Roman House * Vestibule of a Pompeian House * Triclinium or Dining Room * Hercules Drunk, from Pompeii * Body discovered at Pompeii * Ground plan of the Suburban Villa of Diomedes * Wall Painting at Pompeii * Household Utensils * Restaurant, from a painting * Bed and Table at Pompeii * Plan of a Triclinium * Head of Circe * Kitchen furniture at Pompeii * Brooches of Gold found at Pompeii * Scales found at Pompeii * Wall painting found at Pompeii * Gold Breastpins found at Pompeii * A laboratory as found at Pompeii * First Walls discovered at Pompeii * View of the Amphitheatre at Pompeii * Examining the Wounded * Asking Pardon * Not Granted * Combats with Beasts * View of the Tepidarium * Ancient Bath Room * Egyptian vases * Social enjoyment of women * Gold Pins * Shawl or Toga Pin * Pearl Set Pins * Stone Set Brooches * Hair Dress * Toilet Articles found at Pompeii * Wreath of Oak * Tabule, Calamus and Papyrus * Tabule, Stylus and Papyrus * Tabule and Ink Stand * Gold Lamp found at Pompeii * Candelabrum or Lamp Stand * Candelabra or Lamp Stands * Standing Lamp * Ancient Lamps * Scales and Weights * Vessels * Drinking Vessel * Glass Vessels * Cups and Medals * Gold Jewelry * Heavy Gold Pins * Brooches inset with Stone * Safety Toga Pins * Plundering Corinth * Greek Vase * Etruscan Vase * Roman Vases * Vase representing a Marriage * Vase representing a Trojan War * Vase found at Pompeii * Vase representing Greek Sacrifice * Doherty’s Description * Vase 2000 years old * Silver Platter * Vase of the First Century * Dish of the First Century * Ancient Glass Vessels * Glass Brooch * Imitation of Real Stone * Ancient Egyptian Pottery * Mill and Bakery at Pompeii * Bread Discovered in Pompeii * Metals and Beads * Terra Cotta Lamps * Bronze Lamps * Golden Cups of Priam found at Troy * Wonderful vases of terracotta from Palace of Priam * From Palace of Priam * Lids and Metals of Priam * Treasures of Priam found at Troy * Part of Machine of Priam * Jewelry of Gold and Stones * Vessel found in the Palace of Priam * Shield of the Palace of Priam * Gold Necklace of Troy * Gold Tassels of Troy * Lamps found at Troy * Studs and Bracelets of Priam * Gold Pins with Set Gems * Gold Earrings of Troy * Spears, Lances, Ax and Chain * Shears, Knives and Spears * Lances found at Palace of Priam, Troy * Coins or Metals * Elegant Brooch of Troy * Lamp Found at Troy * Palace of Sennacherib * Discovered in the Palace * View of a Hall * Columns of Karnac * The Great Pyramids and Sphinx * Ruins of Baalbec * View of the Pantheon at Rome * Pantheon at Rome * Half Section of the Pantheon * Obelisk of Heliopolis * Jupiter, or Zeus * Apollo, from an Ancient Sculpture * Pluto and His Wife * Ceres or Demeter * Juno or Hera * Diana or Artemis * Vulcan or Hephaistes * Minerva or Pallas Athene * Ancient Sculpturing on Tantalos * Urania, Muse of Astronomy * Jupiter or Zeus with his thunderbolt * Thalia the Muse * Laocoon the false priest * Grecian Altar 3000 years ago * Euterpe, Muse of Pleasure * Thalia, Muse of Comedy * Numa Pompilius visiting the Nymph Egeria * Polyhymnia, muse of Rhetoric * Sphinx of Egypt * Calliope * The Origin of Man * Erate * Terpsicore * Ancient Sacrifice * Melpomene * Clio * Ancient Art and Literature * Painting, 2600 years old * Dying Gladiator * Mosaic Floor * Mosaic Doves * Apollo charming Nature * Ancient Authors * Library of Herculaneum * Trojan Heroes * Ancient Metal Engraving * Socrates Drinking the Poison * From Ancient Sculpturing * King Philip of Macedon * Augustus Caesar * Julius Caesar * Virgil and Horace * Euclid * Alexander Severus * Egyptian Tomb * Sarcophagus or Coffin * Coffin of Alabaster * Discovered Tomb with its Treasures * Articles found in a Tomb * Hieroglyphics * Egyptian Pillar * Egyptian Column * Sections of the Catacombs with Chambers * Plan of the Catacombs at Rome * Stone Coffin * Stone Coffin with open side * Inside view of the Catacombs * Lamps found in the Catacombs * Tomb inscription * Painted Ceiling * Chamber of a Catacomb * Frieze from the Arch of Titus * Pentateuch, written 3200 years ago * Shishak and his captives on Sculptured Wall at Karnac * Portrait of Rehoboam REMEMBER FOLKS, THIS IS AN 1882 ORIGINAL. THIS BOOK IS 137 YEARS OLD!!! Check out all the RARE ANTIQUE BOOKS ABOUT THE INDIAN WARS, CIVIL WAR, REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND THE OLD WEST THAT I'M OFFERING ON EBAY THIS WEEK! Please be sure to add me to your List of Favorite Sellers! Don't miss out on any of my latest listings. Click here to sign up for the NEETMOK NEWSLETTER! Winner pays for media mail shipping in the United States of America. INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: All international bidders must pay by PayPal. © 2012-2019 by eBay seller neetmok. NEETMOK BOOKS IS A REGISTERED MEMBER OF EBAY’S VERO PROGRAM. Unauthorized use of Item Description Text or Images is a violation of eBay rules, as posted by eBay: "No Copying Allowed! When you prepare your listings you generally should use only material (text, photographs, etc.) and trademarks/names that you created or own yourself or licensed from the owners." 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