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Selling USED Unit.   DEMO and NEW are available.
THE INSIDE CONTAINING THE HIGHEST TECHNOLOGY MADE LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY (for NEW) ... good for as long as you own your home (unit)      We are selling a USED UNIT.&n...bsp; A Demo and a NEW Unit are also available.  The USED unit will be delivered in a carton strapped to a skid with a Warranty and Operators Manual.  The price listed is for USED.  Prices for new or demo units call or Email us. This is the VINTAGE CAST IRON Wood Pellet and Corn Stove that is multi-fueled; which means it will burn corn, wood pellets, wheat, sunflower seeds, or any biomass fuel. Pictured in the listing is a beautiful cross-bar, cast-iron, door frame, palladian windows, colonial design. The frame is an ANTIQUE REPLICA (new), but inside of the stove is of a high technology design to burn wood pellets or any biomass fuel.  It was made in Europe using premium quality steel to replicate the renown colonial American look of crossing bar patterns with a curved arch window (palladian). They are shipped to our manufacturing facility in the U.S. where they are meticulously assembled, combining their unique beauty with the highest American techology made. It has multi-fuel capability. Warranties range from 1 , 3, and lifetime for used, demo, and new respectively. Load up our 45 lb hopper bin and burn up to 35,000 BTU/Hr to heat up to 1500 to 2000 Sq. Ft. Also for power outages, a POWER OUTAGE Module is available for $189. The manufacturer's recommended retail selling price MRSP is $3,345.00. It is still wise to buy one now and get it installed and in place this winter so you don't miss any remaining cold months to come. Call us for a Buy-It-Now price. Also visit our Ebay Store for other related items: Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler     Ebay Rules allow the highest bidder to Buy-It-Now immediately with an early auction ending. There has to be more than 12 hours left in the listing. To do that call us at one three one nine two nine eight zero five zero zero or contact us at Ebay's Ask-a-question located at the bottom of this listing in the far lower left-hand side or use Ebay's Contact Seller. This is consistent with Ebay rules and we have no intent to bypass them or bypass Ebay in a sale.      We are selling a USED Unit.  Also available are DEMO and NEW units with various Warranties and you must call or Email to get a quote.  The price in this listing is for USED.  For prices on new or demo, call, Email, or contact us for a buy it now. FEATURES      Highlight features are: it will burn corn, wood pellets, a mixture of both, wheat, sunflower seeds, and bio-mass; cast iron historic design flair, self lighting and fully automatic, thermostatic control, herringbone brick interior, aluminum heat exchanger, jam-proof feed system, easy firepot cleaning and ash dump, limited lifetime warranty, either pedestal or leg models, pedestal model mobile home approved. EPA CERTIFIED PHASE II APPROVED.     At a low particle emission rate of 0.80 grams/hr this unit meets or exceeds the EPA Certified Phase II Emissions Standards at 7.5 grams/hr for non-catalytic wood stoves and 4.1 grams/hr for catalytic wood stoves. Wood pellet stoves ar non-catalytic. It also meets or exceeds the strict CALIFORNIA Standards, COLORADO Phase III Approved, state of WASHINGTON Standards (less than 4.5 g/hr.), and the strict OREGON Standards (less than 2.5 g/hr) for particle emissions.
PICTURE Descriptions ... left to right Top Row ... left to right STOVE STOVE second picture STOVE Side View STOVE Front Door Fire Pot with Auto-Ignitor Ash Drawer
Second row ... left to right
Hopper Bin Flue Exhaust Kit (not included) Flue Exhaust, 45 Degree turn, (not included) Flue Exhaust Pipe, 10 foot riser outside, (not included) Thermostat COLOR Options (price add-on) OPTIONS      Options at an extra charge are: (1) NEW Vintage Cast Iron Stove $3,345. (2) COLOR Option Porcelain Mahogany add $450; (3) Ceramic LOG Kit, extra top log, $225; (4) Flue Exhaust Kit $365, (5) Fresh Air (use Outside air) Kit $145, (6) Fresh Air Damper $50; (7) Digital Wall Thermostat $68; (8) Remote (Portable) Thermostat w Digital Readout $225; (9) POWER Outage Moduale up to 1000 Watts is $199; (10) Hot-ash Vac $225; (11) Corn Screener/Cleaner $85. A Fireplace Insert Model is available for an additional cost and it can be seen in our Ebay Store. In cases where the Add-on OPTION is either an extraitem or a completely different item, the add-on increments or changes are paid in a separate Ebay buy-it-now transaction. This is done to avoid the circomvention of Ebay fees. THREE ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: (A) Fireplace Insert Cast Iron same size 35,000 BTU/Hr is availble for an additional cost, see Ebay Store listing and/or call or Email us; (B) Bigger Stove Cast Iron Stove 60,000 BTU/Hr is available for an additional cost, (C) a bigger 60,000 BTU/HR Fireplace Insert Cast Iron is also availble. See these options and other stoves (inserts) in our Ebay Store...by clicking: Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler POWER OUTAGE BACKUP MODULE      A Power-Outage Module (1000 watts) is available at $199 to supply 115 VAC to your crucial electrical devices ... a smart item to have as backup in power outages. Use this module for POWER OUTAGES and you can run it from any 12 VOLT BATTERY either a Car battery or a Deep Cycle Battery. It supplies 1000 WATTS of 115 VAC POWER with two outlets and battery cables are supplied. It will will run a variety of devices such as a CORN STOVES, WOOD PELLET STOVES , furnaces, computers, appliances, lights, sump pumps. It even has a USB Type A outlet that allows charging of IPOD's, Blackberrys, and Cell Phones. SIZE: 10 inches Wide, 5 inches High, 15 inches Long, WEIGHT: 15 lbs. Larger 1575 Watt POWER priced at $250, still Larger 2500 Watt POWER priced at $350. CHECK Out Other STOVES, FIREPLACE INSERTS, FURNACES      We sell other stoves, furnaces, and fireplace inserts in our Ebay Store and you can check them out by hitting on the little RED Button, or you can just click here on the blue line link...Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler STOVE CAST IRON, Vermont Victorian, WOOD PELLET, 40,000 BTU/Hr, Heats up to 2000 Sq.Ft. STOVE CORN/PELLET, High Tech, 52,500 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel Capabilty, Heats up to 2500 Sq.Ft. STOVE CORN/PELLET, beautiful BAY WINDOW, 50,000 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel, Heats up to 2500 Sq.Ft. STOVE CORN/PELLET, Colonial Cast Iron, 60,000 BTU/Hr., Mult-fuel Capblty, Heats up to 3000 Sq.Ft. FIREPLACE INSERT: Vintage Cast Iron, 35,000 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel Capability, heats up to 1500 Sq.Ft. FIREPLACE INSERT: Colonial Cast Iron, 60,000 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel Capability, heats up to 3000 Sq.Ft. FIREPLACE INSERT: Beauty Bay Elegant, Wood Pellets, 50,000 BTU/HR, Heats Up to 2,500 Sq Ft FIREPLACE INSERT: Bay Window CORN/PELLET, 50,000 BTU/Hr., Mult-fuel Capability, 2500 Sq.Ft. FURNACE CORN/PELLET, Forced-Air Ductor, up to 100,000 BTU/Hr, Multi-fuel, Heats 3,500 Sq.Ft. COMBO BOILER FURNACE, 70,000 BTU/Hr, Corn, Wood Pellets, Multi-fuel, Heats up to 3000 Sq.Ft. MOBILE HOME STOVE, for Corn/Pellet/Mult-fuel, 52,500 BTU/Hr., Heats up to 1500 S.Ft. FLUE EXHAUST KITS, for STOVES, UL Approved, Rated for Corrossive Burning Corn/Pellet Stoves CHIMNEY FLUE EXHAUST KITS, for Fireplace Inserts, 25, 30, 35 FEET (or higher), UL Approved FRESH AIR KITS, install one or use inside warm air and BURN-UP 100 dollar Bills! SAVE $$$$. Buy a Stove, Furnace, Boiler, or Fireplace Insert from one of the leaders in the country...THAT'S US!Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler FUEL PRICES      Worried about RISING corn prices?...well don't worry. Just buy a MULT-FUEL stove, furnace, boiler, or fireplace insert and SWITCH to another fuel such as WOOD PELLETS or big HARD RED WINTER WHEAT ... or switch grass, or any BIO-MASS fuel of-the-future. The latest prices are posted in bags of sizes 40lb, 50lb, or 55lb where a bushel of corn is 55lb bag. BLUE SEAL STOVE CORN is in 40lb bags. Whole corn at a farm feed dealer is usually bagged in 50 bags. Only elevator grain (corn) is bagged in 55lb bushel bags. WOOD PELLETS come in a smaller bag (40 lb), and they burn less-hot than corn or other bio-mass material. CORN in IOWA................................................. Sept 1, 2014.........$3.76/bu. bag CORN in EASTERN OHIO ...............................Sept 1, 2014 .......$4.07/bu. bag CORN in NEBRASKA .......................................Sept 1, 2014 .....$3.72/bu.bag Blue Seal STOVE CORN in NH.........................Sept 1, 2014 .....$7.79/40lb.bag Blue Seal STOVE CORN in VERMONT ..........Sept 1, 2014.......$7.92/40lb.bag Blue Seal STOVE CORN in MAINE ................. Sept 1, 2014......$7.41/40lb.bag Blue Seal STOVE CORN in MASS ....................Sept 1, 2014.......$7.99/40lb.bag Blue Seal STOVE CORN in NEW YORK .........Sept 1, 2014.......$7.99/40lb.bag Blue Seal STOVE CORN in PENN ....................Sept 1, 14..........$7.63/40lb.bag
WOOD PELLETS in IOWA ............................Sept 1, 2014 .......$4.75/40lb.bag WOOD PELLETS in NEBRASKA ......................Sept 1, 14 .......$4.87/40lb.bag WOOD PELLETS in OHIO........ ........................Sept 1, 14 .......$5.25/40lb.bag WOOD PELLETS NEW YORK ........................Sept1, 14 .......$5.49/40lb.bag WOOD PELLETS in PENN .............................Sept 1, 14 .......$5.98/40lb.bag WOOD PELLETS in MAINE ......................Sept 1, 2014 .........$5.25/40lb.bag WOOD PELLETS VERMONT ........................Sept 1, 14 .......$5.65/40lb.bag WOOD PELLETS NEW HAMPSHIRE............Sept 1, 14 .......$5.75/40lb.bag WOOD PELLETS IN MASS .....................Sept 1, 2014...........$5.99/40lb.bag
SOYBEANS in IOWA............................... Sept 1, 2014 ..........$9.97/bu. bag SOYBEANS in NEBRASKA..................... Sept 1, 2014 .........$9.60/bu. bag BIG RED WHEAT NEBRASKA .....................Sept 1, 2014 .....$5.11/bu. bag BIG RED WHEAT MONTANA................... Sept 1, 2014 .....$4.94/bu. bag BIG RED WHEAT CANADA ....................Sept 1, 2014 .........$5.23/bu. bag CHERRY PITS MICHIGAN.......................Sept 1, 2014..........$7.25/50lb.bag CHERRY PITS OREGON..........................Sept 1, 2014...........$6.75/50lb.bag CHERRY PITS CALIFOR.........................Sept 1, 2014...........$7.25/50lb.bag OLIVE PITS CALIFORNIA.........................Sept 1, 2014..........$6.25/50lb.bag SUNFLOWER BLACK SEEDS..............Sept 1, 2014..........$15.95/50lb.bag  DVD VIDEO INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE      First-time buyers (users) of corn stoves can feel comfortable about their purchase and installation because included is an installation DVD Video. It is included in a sealed envelop inside the carton to be shipped. WARRANTY      There is a lifetime warranty for NEW as long as you own the product. You know the workmanship has to be superb to offer this. The LIFETIME WARRANTY covers the Main Frame, Heat Exchanger, Frame Housing, Legs, Door, Hinge, Glass in Door; 3 Years Fire Pot; and a 2 years Warranty on Electronics; and 5 years Labor Warranty. DEMO has a 3-year warranty.  USED has a 1-year warranty. Be careful what you buy and from whom you buy. As a Dealer, if you elect, we can make a Warranty Claim, on your behalf as an option. We are a Dealer specializing in corn stoves and can help you through the installation as well as any on-going trouble shooting if necessary. Be careful as others may not have the capability to do that. OPERATING SUGGESTIONS      Fresh air sources may be either room air or fresh air kit. A fresh air kit is especially recommended for newer contructed homes that have air-tight construction...as room air vacuum may be crated without it. Also inside air has impurities and is human-breathed, carbon dioxide saturated. Experience in the operation of Corn Stoves we recommend you: (1)Try to find local corn sources (farmers) with 12 to 14% moisture content from those who cater to corn stove owners; (2) Use crushed oyster shell with your corn and scatter or layer it into the hopper like layering soap in the laundry machine; (3) Learn how to run your corn stove with the least amount of air possible as too much air makes the stove run faster with waste, ash, and over heating; (4)High moisture content of corn 15% can be offset by burning crushed oyster shell and partial wood pellets; and (5) Everyone should experiment burning either a corn/wood pellets mixture or wheat. If corn prices soar, then you can switch to 100% wood pellets or wheat. You will have experience burnning it. The autolite feature works better with a wood pellet/corn mixture; (6) Everyone should consider sprinkling crushed oyster shell into their corn to facilitate a cleaner burning and less ash.FORCED-AIR CUSTOMERS: A RECOMMENDATION      For customers with forced-air ducting furnaces, we have some simple recommendations on how you can revise your existing duckwork to improve the performance of this free standing Stove. However, if you want to spend more money, then we have another furnace specifically designed for forced air called The Forced Air Ductor. It can be hooked up to your existing ductwork. It is multi-fuel and will burn corn, wood pellets, etc. It is listed as Forced-Air Corn Wood Pellet Multi-fuel Furnace and we have one that just arrived and it is found in our Ebay Stove. Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler. It is more expensive, spend more and get more. Grab it as it just arrived! Contact us by phone or E-mail for additional comments.INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS      Included is our 50 page OWNER'S MANUAL with an installation VIDEO (DVD) with pictures that gives a wealth of information. We are the only ones that include a Video with the corn stove purchase. In the Owner's Manual is a step by step instruction for installation for Exhaust Flue Vent Kit (not provided) and startup.  Exhaust Flue Vent Kit can be purchased separately at your request and/or check our Ebay Store. You should also consider installing a Fresh Air Intake Kit (see Ebay Store) and you should install it to not only avoid room air vacuum, but also control the amount of air fed into your stove. SHIPPING and DELIVERY      Customer can have it shipped by a commercial freight carrier 500 lbs to the nearest large-city Main Terminal serving the customer's geographic area. Customer can drive down to this Main Terminal in a pickup truck and they can load in there with a fork-lift truck. We estimate Freight delivered straight to Main Terminal to range between $215.00 to $315.00 and we will charge an average flat rate of $265.00 for the U.S. mainland. LIFTGATE Residential delivery is an add-on $195 with the LIFTGATE component $125 and the Residential component $70, the two added together making $195 add-on. ACTIVE BIDDERS PLEASE PROVIDE ME YOUR PHONE & E-MAIL      Active bidders please provide me with your telephone number(s) and E-mail. This may increase your chance of getting the item in which you are bidding. Good communication exchange and successful bidding go hand-in-hand. Just a request and a suggestion. RETURNS and SELLER PROTECTION    Seller will allow return items if done within 30 days and returns must be paid by the buyer for both shipping and insurance.   Item must not have been opened, used, or in a condition other than the one we sent to the buyer. ... If an exception is granted, the item must be repackaged and insured by the buyer so the shipping agent will not damage the product upon return.    If the Seller delivers a defective item and/or item is damaged in the original shipment by the Freight Carrier, the seller may elect to either exchange item, replace item, or adjust the price to compensate for damage.    Ebay will protect the seller in events beyond his control such as:  (1) When Seller ships product on time, provides tracking, but it arrives late.  (2) Shipment carrier has disruptions or severe weather. (3) Buyer retracts their bid and refuses to pay.  (4) Buyer changes order or requests something new.  (5) Buyers who have an unusual rate of complaints or returns. (6) Buyer returns item after they opened it, used it, or sent it back in a condition other than the one seller sent it in.
LEGAL JURISDICTION RESIDES WITH SELLER   The seller (dealer) resides in Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa so legal jurisdiction remains with the seller's home base. Accordingly the parties (seller and buyer) consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in Linn County, Iowa, in any action arising out of or relating to this sales description and agreement. The parties waive any other venue to which either party might be entitled by domicile or otherwise.  If the seller is forced to incur legal fees and court costs to enforce this agreement, then the buyer will pay for them.  SPECIFICATIONS      Heating capacity up to 1500 sq. ft., BTU output up to 35,000 BTU/Hr., Hopper capacity 40 lb, Fuel wood pellets or corn, EPA Particle Emission Rates were tested at 0.8 grams/hour. Weight 350 lbs, 24" wide X 29" high X 25" deep.  Electrical 110 VAC, 3 Amps, 60 Cycles, Power Outage Module 1000 Watts option available, Safety Tested and Listed to ASTM-E 1509, ULC/ORD- C 1482, (UM) 84-HUD, and EPA Approved. Manufacturer: American Home Hearth Company.QUESTIONS      For questions, comments, or to Buy-It-Now through Ebay, contact: Corn Stoves of Iowa, Dealer, 1312 1st Avenue, N.W., Cedar Rapids, IA 52405.  Phone: one three one nine two nine eight zero five zero zero.  Contact mail: Use the Ebay Ask-a-question system which is highlighted in blue located at the bottom of the listing in the far lower left-hand side. ... Also check out my Ebay Store at: Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler On Nov-07-05 at 07:51:15 PST, seller added the following information: Always buy from a DEALER. Never buy from individuals.


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